Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Discrimination Against Kids

What's all this business of what age you are? Does age really matter that much? Ok, it matters a bit, but still.

We're all equals on this earth. I've always believed that. God didn't make us better than each other, he made us each good in our own way. yes, I'm saying you're awesome.

So, why all this judging? Why is it all, you're too young, you're too old, you're not smart, you're pretty? Why? have I just said that question over and over again?

I think it's sad when someone hides their age for fear of being judged. For people not taking them seriously about what they're saying. Why can't a kid or young teen know what they're talking about? I'm sure they do. Why can't they talk about what they believe, but older people can.

It comes down to people thinking that, 'they're older. They've lived longer, they must be right,' when in reality, they both could be right. Even if the kid said the same thing, they properly wouldn't be taken so seriously.

This is something which really annoys me and seems wrong to me. as you might have noticed. I don't like age discrimination. It's just as bad as other forms of discrimination, but it's not taken half as seriously. No one cares if kids are discriminated against. like WHAT?!

So here is what I'm begging, please, please don't be mean to kids. They maybe younger and everything, but they still know an awful lot. They have thoughts and feelings too.

You're hurting these kids by saying they don't know what they're saying, so please stop. Listen to them and treat their thoughts as you would an adults, ok?

Sorry I've gone all crazy and full of feelings in this post, but that's just who I am. sorry, can't change that fact...

God Bless You,

Monday, 10 November 2014

Becoming Closer to God

Recently, like in the past few months, I've been noticed God more in my life. He started to be more important in my life. More like something real than something of a dream.

This all sounds really strange and is really hard to put down. So let me explain. if possible. While we were going through that hard bit, which I don't really want to talk too much about at the moment, I started praying to God to make things better.

I took to reading the bible and wearing my holy medals. Things like that really helped me. They comforted me when I was feeling really low and helped me find things to smile about.

My feelings have all changed towards God, praying, religion. I've always been a Catholic and prayed, but my heart was never in it. I didn't truly understand why I was doing it! silly old me, slow at everything.

What I'm wanting to say is, I see just how kind, helpful and caring God is for us now. I know why we go to him in prayer and try to work up our relationships with him.

God is there, but not like something we imagine, but like a friend, like a physical person. Someone to turn to and love.

So, though I've lost a lot, I've also gained a lot. I feel braver and more confident and closer to go God. thank goodness for that.

From now on, my aim is to make more time for God and to read more of the bible and pray, pray, pray.

I don't know how to end this post. It's a sort of ramble, which for those are you who don't know, is the hardest to end.

Let's just say, until my next post!

God Bless You,

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Looking for One Willing and Friendly Teen

Hello again guys! It's Kim and I'm back with another post. see I haven't given up already, aren't I awesome?

I'm looking for someone, hopefully and friendly teen who shares some of the same interests as me. Why? Well, let me explain.

I want a pen pal! I've always loved the idea of having someone to swap news, bits and bobs and other things with.

So, today I've decided to go looking for a pen pal. And where better to ask for one than my blog? I for one have no idea!

If you want to be my pen pal, please email me at I reply to all emails.

I only have a few requirements for you. there's always a hitch. You have to have time to reply, be a teen and hopefully a girl, and you have to really be interested!

Think you're the perfect person? Email me, please?

God Bless You,

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Thank You To Everyone!

Hi guys! It's Kim and I'm back and I'm back for good this time. I know I said I was 'back' last time, but this time I really do mean it.

My family went through a hard time soon after I wrote that post and I couldn't write anything. I didn't have the spirit or anything good to write about. It was like my family was being torn apart.

But thankfully that's all over, but it's still a raw wound. We're all doing our best to forget it and forgive though.

In the five months I've been away from this blog, I've had a lot to think about. It seems like I'm a whole different person from who I was almost a year ago when I started this blog. yes, it's almost a year!

On another note, I'm a whole year older! I had my birthday in October. I'm still really excited about it.

We didn't do too much for my birthday. We were still getting over that hard time and so we just stayed home and had a bit of quiet time, but it was special.

Anyhow, thanks to everyone who's stuck with me for these months. I know I was a truly rubbish blogger, but you're all amazing!

I will see you all again really soonas I said, I'm back! 

God Bless You,

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Where have I been?

Well I guess your all wondering this question, so here is an update post!

-I have been doing a lot of reading! I have found so many cool books that I am reading at the moment. I will do a review on some later.

-I have been learning photography. I have learnt a lot and hopefully I will post some of my pictures soon, hopefully:P

-I went away. Yes as normally I let a little thing like going away keep me from blogging:( I visited a friend and we had a great time. Ellie is starting her own blog, please visit IT!

-My family has been planning a holiday for these holidays. I can't wait. We're going to the beach! It will lot's of fun. I haven't been to the beach in ages. Don't worry, I'm going to make sure it doesn't get in the way of blogging.

-I have researching podcast making. I sounds awesome! I will have to do more research though.

-I have been watching a lot of YouTube. I have found so many cool channels on there. I will post some of my favourite videos sometime.

Well that's all I have been doing, what about you? What have you been doing?

As you can see I have heaps of new blog post ideas. Just wait to see them all!


Thursday, 22 May 2014

News Flash!

Today The Princess Inside has finally opened!

The blog everyone has been waiting for has finally arrived, so hurry! Be the first to see it.

-Reporter Kim

P.S 20th post

Saturday, 17 May 2014


I have been really busy. Everything has been so flustered and this blog has once again been forgotten, but not for long because I'm bad! Yay.

I have two things to write about today. One, what would you like to read from now on? Please answer this question! I want to know what kind of things you all enjoy reading the most.

Two! I am starting a new blog. It isn't up and running yet, but I am hoping for it to be in the next week or so.

Well that's all! Please reply.

-Lady Kim

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Easter and Blogging

There's two things I won't to say today! (Wow!) I should start with the more important one, which is: Happy Easter! I hope you all had a great day:) I sure know I did.

We spent Easter at the beach with our cousins. We had a great time.

It was a long trip to our cousins. Felix and I were very tired of the car by the time we arrived, but Sherri didn't really care how long it had been because she is doing Camp NaNoWriMo and she was writing.

I loved playing on the beach. We made an amazing sand castle, but sadly someone fell on it and ruined it:(

We had sandwiches and fruit for lunch. Our cousins had brought salad and ham rolls. We shared our food.

When we had had enough time on the beach we went over to our cousins' house. Aunt K. and Mum set about taking over the kitchen to make an awesome dinner.

Me and G. went into G's bedroom and played a game on her computer. It was called Sims! I have never played it before, but it was heaps of fun!

At about three, Dad and Uncle W hid some Easter eggs for the Easter egg hunt. We all hid in our cousins' rooms while they did it.

At our house we only hide the eggs in the house, but Dad and Uncle W hid them in the garden as well.

We had a hard time finding them all. We were hunting in two teams. Me, G, A and Sherri were on one team while Felix, D, L and C were on the other.

My team lost, but we didn't mind. We had had a great time.

After that we had dinner. It was a roast and after that we had cake.

Then we older kids watched some Doctor Who while the younger kids watched Cars. I am glad I am counted as one of the older kids. I hate Cars, but I don't mind Doctor Who, in fact I love it.

We had a great day. I was sad to go home:(

Now for the other thing. (Sorry this post is so long)

Has anyone noticed my awesome new blog design? Isn't it amazing? Rose from Truly. Madly. Deeply, did it for me. (I suggest you check out her blog)

She has her own blog design shop. All you have to do is fill out the form and she will make your blog awesome! Here is the link if you are interested:

If you want your blog redesigned, but don't really know what you want or don't know how to do it. Just go to Rose. She will sort you out! And best of all, its all free:)

Thanks Rose! The design is amazing:)


Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Wild Theories!

I'm a huge FROZEN fan. I can't wait till it is on DVD. Only a few more days:)
I was reading on the internet and I saw an article on Frozen, Tangled and The Little Mermaid. Now I did see Rapunzel and Flynn in Frozen, but in this article it was saying that there is a theory that The Little Mermaid is connected to Tangled and Frozen.
You would have to read the whole article, but there was something about King and Queen in Frozen dying on their way to Rapunzel's wedding and that the shipwreck in The Little Mermaid is their ship.
It all seems a bit far fetched for me. The bit about Rapunzel was ok, but The Little Mermaid was just too far fetched. Especially when they had no idea about Frozen when they made it.
What do you think?

Music is the Key to My Heart:)


One of my favourite all time songs is You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift. If you haven't listened to it, then you must! It is so amazing. I really love it:)
I never really listened to Taylor Swift or for that matter any other musician. Then one day my good friend Kayla(she has just made herself a blog) showed me this song and I was immediately taken by it.
That was what started me on to YouTube. I am always hunting up new songs now. You Belong With Me is still one of my favourite's, but I have many others I like too now.
If you would like to listen to some of them I have a list of them here! You Belong With Me is the first one in the list!
I adore this song so much!
I can never get this song out of my head!
I love this song, I have no idea why!
I first heard about this song when watching this little girl sing it:P
This is so funny. I can't stop laughing when watching it!
I like this song so much! I don't know why:)
This is so amazing. I love Lindsey Stirling's music. You really have to check her out!
Sorry there's a lot of them, but I have a lot of other songs I like. I know not everyone likes this kind of music, but I like it. What are your favourite songs? Do you like any of these ones?
P.S sorry I haven't written for a long time. Sorry! I am hopeless as I did say I would be better. I won't say that again:P More better posts should come soon though

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Higher Institute of Villainous Education

Warning a few spoilers ahead!

I have recently just finished reading Higher Institute of Villainous Education. It is the first book is a series called HIVE. I really enjoyed it. The thought of a school to teach kids to be villains is a very funny one.

My favourite character was Raven! She is really awesome. Mum doesn't normally like assassins, but even she had to admit Raven is pretty cool.

The Higher Institute of Villainous Education is about a school for villains. When Otto Malpenese gets picked up for it he is shocked and tries to escape. It is highly amusing!

My favourite bit in the book was the failed escape plan. It was so dangerous. I love bits in books where around every bend comes a surprise. This was definitely like that.

Another thing I liked to how they said that GLOVE was to blame for some of the big problems in history. I also like how they thought robbing a bank was petty and that you had to do something new, something amazing, with great presentation!

I am now about to start the second book. I can't wait to see what they get up to in it! I hope there is more Raven!

Have you read any of the HIVE books? What did you think? Who was your favourite character?

-Lady Kim

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

A Bit of a Break...But I am Back!

So sorry about not blogging for ages! Been busy, but I'm back. Isn't that all that matters?

To get myself back into blogging I have redesigned my blog. I hope you like it!

It used to be:


Now it is:

If you don't like anything, just tell me and I will see about changing it. I wasn't certain about the colour around the images. I thought maybe it would look better in the pink of the background.

Everything will be back to normal on this blog from today forth. I will even start posting episode of the week again.

If anyone is interested I have got a little side blog for tiny bits and bobbits. You know the sort of terrible posts that aren't long enough to post, but you want everyone to read anyway? So yeah, here is the link: As you can see, I got rather taken by this decorating style.

OK, that's all for today!

-Lady Kim

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Awesome Pics

Do you love interesting pictures? Well I sure do. Here are some I found on WeHeartIt! I hope you like them.


Who is a big ben lover? I love the angle of this picture, it makes it seems like a fantasy pic.

I have no real idea of what this is of, but it makes me like it all the more. Just a haze with a lot of arm sticking out.

Eifel Tower. All pictures of it are awesome, but I like the pink and the moon, don't they just go together?

Misty paint. The picture is amazing! I want to be able to take pictures like this.

Letter. I found this in vintage, but I don't see how it could be. Do you? People still send letters.

I wouldn't sit so close if I were you baby! She might dance onto you.

A pink fountain! Please give me one for my birthday:)

Just right for a hot summers day. I must learn to make them

Old books, yay! Great for a passionate reader. I think I will have all of those thank you:)


P.S thanks for telling me about the site Rose!

Monday, 20 January 2014

Episode of the Week #2

Here is the second episode from Little Dorrit. I hope you enjoy. I am too busy to write anymore at the moment so bye!


Sunday, 19 January 2014

Favourite Series #1

Percy Jackson: I haven't watched movies or anything, but I have read the books (first series only). I thought that Annabeth was awesome, but Grover and Tyson were what I really read the books for they! They are amazing:)

Ranger's Apprentice: I am still working my way through the series, but I have already decided that Halt is my favourite character. I am a big fan of bows and arrows, fighting and adventure and so these books at once had my attention.

Lord of the Rings: A very famous book (everyone knows of it). I love comparing it's differences to the movie. I always loved Sam and Gollum in both! *Gollum*. I like Gandalf as well. I often wonder at how one makes up such a wonderful world.

Redwall: Cute animals are my favourites. Martin the Warrior is cool. He amazes me with his fighting and wonderfulness. I like Gomf. He is the funny mouse who makes up songs. I am so sad Brain Jacques has died!

Well I will continue this soon. As you can tell most of these are quite famous, but my next ones will get to the more unique favourites!


Friday, 17 January 2014

Episode of the Week

We have been watching Little Dorrit. This is the first episode. I will post the next one later! Maybe an episode a week, how does that sound?

Well any how my favourite character is John Chivery. He is so funny!


Here lie the mortal remains of John Chivery, Assistant Turnkey and later Chief Turnkey of the Marshalsea Prison for Debt. He was unlucky in love and endured a good deal of sorrow, but he rose above it and performed many an act of kindness, even to his rival. And always engraved, on stone, deep into his very heart, is the name of "Amy Dorrit". 

Amy Dorrit is the main character. She is nice and sweet and pretty!


Father placed his money with Merdle, just like everybody else. So now will you share my fortune with me?

I always felt kind of sorry for Arthur Clennam. Nothing ever went right for him. I hope everything is good in the end though!


  No! No, no. Not Flora. No, someone much younger than Flora. You don't know her. But this is not about me. All - all I wanted to say is that if you love John Chivery, if you truly do love him, then seize your chance of happiness. You shouldn't sacrifice yourself for your father's sake. He'll be well looked after whether you marry or not

I forgot to mention two other characters I like. Firstly: Maggy. The pore girl who love hospitals and chicken.


Yeah. Everythin' like lemonade and chicken and baked potato.

The other one is Edmund Sparkler. He is a funny and stupid man, and knows so!


Erm... Fulham?

To finish with I just have to add Mr Pancks. The man with the sniff and who is always investigating. I very comical character!


He died? Well, well. Uncle Ned... is dead! *snorts

That's all for now! See you later.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Little Homeschoolers on the Prairie

Most people have heard of Little House on the Prairie. I really hate it, but when I saw this video of a family who redid it I was amazed! They fit so well. It is great:)

Well I am going to start going into my great hate of Little House on the Prairie should I stop? Maybe, but I will most likely keep going!

Yep I am going on.

The books were about a family moving around and what they did, how they built their house and the churches and dances they went to, but the movies are about kids running around being naughty.

Some episodes don't even feature Laura and she is the one who is purposed to be the main character!

Another thing I hate is when they don't seem to be thankful for what they have. I remember an episode when Laura's dad spent ages making a saddle for her and what did she do when she got it? Why gave the horse away!

Ok I feel I have gotten too hot and this is a silly post, but it has some of my true feelings. I will write more about this later, but it has taken a long time to write this post already!

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

I Love You

Another cool YouTube video. Visit HERE for more!

Thanks for watching I will get around to posting something a bit more exciting later:)

All for now guys!!

I'm a Little Person

This is a funny little song I found on YouTube. Please watch. You will enjoy it!

Happily Ever After

Has anyone seen the Tangled Happily Ever After? I found it yesterday and wanted to share it! I hope you enjoy:)


Monday, 13 January 2014

Mousehunter Series


Anyone read The Mousehunter series? I have just started reading it and it is awesome.

I rather like Miserly. I think she is so cool! She might be a bit mean, but she is funny as well. You never know which side she is on.


So far I am just starting the third and last book. I think it will be the most exciting! Mousebeard will get his revenge.

When I first started reading the series I thought that Mousebeard would be the villain but it turns out he isn't.


Well anyhow I wish I could write like that, a thrilling a exciting book! I won't spoil anymore, but you should read the books if you haven't all ready!


P.S You can find me on Goodreads here:

Sunday, 12 January 2014

New Rooms

Yesterday Mum gave me a big surprise.

"I have decided you and Sherri have been sharing a room for long enough. You can have the study. I know it is small, but I am sure it will do for you!"

"Thanks Mum," I cried.

We got to work cleaning out the study and putting my bed, lamp and other things into the room.

By the time we were finished it looked great! Sherri had been at work in our old room as well, cleaning and rearranging everything.

"It is like we are each getting a new room," She giggled. I agree It was so exciting and fun!

Saturday, 11 January 2014

My Header

Hope you like my header! It took a while to make. Most of the pictures come from movies. The dog and cat are from the internet as well. The black and white picture is of me.

Well that's all I have to say.


The Rise of the Guardians

I watched the Rise of the Guardians with my little brother yesterday. It was his first time watching it! He was so excited.


I had watched it once before with my big sister. Sherri decided that Felix was old enough to see it. (those are our real names if anyone is wondering!)

Bunny (voice by Hugh Jackman)

So yes. It was a brilliant evening. Mum gave us some chocolate to eat and Sherri wondered in and out. She was a bit busy with some novel writing to watch with us. (we are all writers. I have just joined NaNoWriMo YWP. My username is Jane Bennett.)


Felix really liked Bunny. That was his favourite character. He couldn't stop watching. I liked either Sandy, North or Tooth. Sorry Pitch!


Everyone had a nickname. Bunny is easy. He is the Easter Bunny. Sandy is Sandman, North is Santa Claus, Tooth is the Tooth Fairy and Pitch is the hardest. He is the Boogyman.(you know, the one who hides under beds)


I shouldn't write anymore. I don't like giving away spoilers!

Jack (oops I didn't even mention him)


Lady Kim of...Nowhere

'My name is Lady Kim...BOW! Why are you not bowing?'

'Kim, wake up!'

'What? Where is Sir Humpy? Oh man, it was all a dream.'

'Kim, why are you talking to yourself?'

'It's nothing Mum. I will be down in a minute!'

One day people will learn to give me the respect I deserve. I am Lady Kim, even if no one knows it! I will prove to everyone that I am to be bowed to.

You will see that I am right, just wait, you will bow to someday!

When I am a Lady people will love me. People will smile as I go past and tell of my wonderful deeds!

'Um, Kim, what wonderful deeds?'

'Uh, I haven't done them yet.'

'What? And you think people should be bowing to you?'

'I will get back to you!'