Monday, 13 January 2014

Mousehunter Series


Anyone read The Mousehunter series? I have just started reading it and it is awesome.

I rather like Miserly. I think she is so cool! She might be a bit mean, but she is funny as well. You never know which side she is on.


So far I am just starting the third and last book. I think it will be the most exciting! Mousebeard will get his revenge.

When I first started reading the series I thought that Mousebeard would be the villain but it turns out he isn't.


Well anyhow I wish I could write like that, a thrilling a exciting book! I won't spoil anymore, but you should read the books if you haven't all ready!


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  1. I love the Mousehunter Series. The different breeds of mice were so much fun. My favourite character is Indigo (if I've remembered his name right). Which is your favourite mouse? I hope you enjoy the last book. I have to go and read them all again some time.

    1. Yes it is Indigo. He is amazing.
      I like the puff tailed mice. I think that is their name. Them or the elephant mice.
      Hope you enjoy rereading them!