Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Discrimination Against Kids

What's all this business of what age you are? Does age really matter that much? Ok, it matters a bit, but still.

We're all equals on this earth. I've always believed that. God didn't make us better than each other, he made us each good in our own way. yes, I'm saying you're awesome.

So, why all this judging? Why is it all, you're too young, you're too old, you're not smart, you're pretty? Why? have I just said that question over and over again?

I think it's sad when someone hides their age for fear of being judged. For people not taking them seriously about what they're saying. Why can't a kid or young teen know what they're talking about? I'm sure they do. Why can't they talk about what they believe, but older people can.

It comes down to people thinking that, 'they're older. They've lived longer, they must be right,' when in reality, they both could be right. Even if the kid said the same thing, they properly wouldn't be taken so seriously.

This is something which really annoys me and seems wrong to me. as you might have noticed. I don't like age discrimination. It's just as bad as other forms of discrimination, but it's not taken half as seriously. No one cares if kids are discriminated against. like WHAT?!

So here is what I'm begging, please, please don't be mean to kids. They maybe younger and everything, but they still know an awful lot. They have thoughts and feelings too.

You're hurting these kids by saying they don't know what they're saying, so please stop. Listen to them and treat their thoughts as you would an adults, ok?

Sorry I've gone all crazy and full of feelings in this post, but that's just who I am. sorry, can't change that fact...

God Bless You,

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