Monday, 20 January 2014

Episode of the Week #2

Here is the second episode from Little Dorrit. I hope you enjoy. I am too busy to write anymore at the moment so bye!


Sunday, 19 January 2014

Favourite Series #1

Percy Jackson: I haven't watched movies or anything, but I have read the books (first series only). I thought that Annabeth was awesome, but Grover and Tyson were what I really read the books for they! They are amazing:)

Ranger's Apprentice: I am still working my way through the series, but I have already decided that Halt is my favourite character. I am a big fan of bows and arrows, fighting and adventure and so these books at once had my attention.

Lord of the Rings: A very famous book (everyone knows of it). I love comparing it's differences to the movie. I always loved Sam and Gollum in both! *Gollum*. I like Gandalf as well. I often wonder at how one makes up such a wonderful world.

Redwall: Cute animals are my favourites. Martin the Warrior is cool. He amazes me with his fighting and wonderfulness. I like Gomf. He is the funny mouse who makes up songs. I am so sad Brain Jacques has died!

Well I will continue this soon. As you can tell most of these are quite famous, but my next ones will get to the more unique favourites!


Friday, 17 January 2014

Episode of the Week

We have been watching Little Dorrit. This is the first episode. I will post the next one later! Maybe an episode a week, how does that sound?

Well any how my favourite character is John Chivery. He is so funny!


Here lie the mortal remains of John Chivery, Assistant Turnkey and later Chief Turnkey of the Marshalsea Prison for Debt. He was unlucky in love and endured a good deal of sorrow, but he rose above it and performed many an act of kindness, even to his rival. And always engraved, on stone, deep into his very heart, is the name of "Amy Dorrit". 

Amy Dorrit is the main character. She is nice and sweet and pretty!


Father placed his money with Merdle, just like everybody else. So now will you share my fortune with me?

I always felt kind of sorry for Arthur Clennam. Nothing ever went right for him. I hope everything is good in the end though!


  No! No, no. Not Flora. No, someone much younger than Flora. You don't know her. But this is not about me. All - all I wanted to say is that if you love John Chivery, if you truly do love him, then seize your chance of happiness. You shouldn't sacrifice yourself for your father's sake. He'll be well looked after whether you marry or not

I forgot to mention two other characters I like. Firstly: Maggy. The pore girl who love hospitals and chicken.


Yeah. Everythin' like lemonade and chicken and baked potato.

The other one is Edmund Sparkler. He is a funny and stupid man, and knows so!


Erm... Fulham?

To finish with I just have to add Mr Pancks. The man with the sniff and who is always investigating. I very comical character!


He died? Well, well. Uncle Ned... is dead! *snorts

That's all for now! See you later.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Little Homeschoolers on the Prairie

Most people have heard of Little House on the Prairie. I really hate it, but when I saw this video of a family who redid it I was amazed! They fit so well. It is great:)

Well I am going to start going into my great hate of Little House on the Prairie should I stop? Maybe, but I will most likely keep going!

Yep I am going on.

The books were about a family moving around and what they did, how they built their house and the churches and dances they went to, but the movies are about kids running around being naughty.

Some episodes don't even feature Laura and she is the one who is purposed to be the main character!

Another thing I hate is when they don't seem to be thankful for what they have. I remember an episode when Laura's dad spent ages making a saddle for her and what did she do when she got it? Why gave the horse away!

Ok I feel I have gotten too hot and this is a silly post, but it has some of my true feelings. I will write more about this later, but it has taken a long time to write this post already!

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

I Love You

Another cool YouTube video. Visit HERE for more!

Thanks for watching I will get around to posting something a bit more exciting later:)

All for now guys!!

I'm a Little Person

This is a funny little song I found on YouTube. Please watch. You will enjoy it!

Happily Ever After

Has anyone seen the Tangled Happily Ever After? I found it yesterday and wanted to share it! I hope you enjoy:)


Monday, 13 January 2014

Mousehunter Series


Anyone read The Mousehunter series? I have just started reading it and it is awesome.

I rather like Miserly. I think she is so cool! She might be a bit mean, but she is funny as well. You never know which side she is on.


So far I am just starting the third and last book. I think it will be the most exciting! Mousebeard will get his revenge.

When I first started reading the series I thought that Mousebeard would be the villain but it turns out he isn't.


Well anyhow I wish I could write like that, a thrilling a exciting book! I won't spoil anymore, but you should read the books if you haven't all ready!


P.S You can find me on Goodreads here:

Sunday, 12 January 2014

New Rooms

Yesterday Mum gave me a big surprise.

"I have decided you and Sherri have been sharing a room for long enough. You can have the study. I know it is small, but I am sure it will do for you!"

"Thanks Mum," I cried.

We got to work cleaning out the study and putting my bed, lamp and other things into the room.

By the time we were finished it looked great! Sherri had been at work in our old room as well, cleaning and rearranging everything.

"It is like we are each getting a new room," She giggled. I agree It was so exciting and fun!

Saturday, 11 January 2014

My Header

Hope you like my header! It took a while to make. Most of the pictures come from movies. The dog and cat are from the internet as well. The black and white picture is of me.

Well that's all I have to say.


The Rise of the Guardians

I watched the Rise of the Guardians with my little brother yesterday. It was his first time watching it! He was so excited.


I had watched it once before with my big sister. Sherri decided that Felix was old enough to see it. (those are our real names if anyone is wondering!)

Bunny (voice by Hugh Jackman)

So yes. It was a brilliant evening. Mum gave us some chocolate to eat and Sherri wondered in and out. She was a bit busy with some novel writing to watch with us. (we are all writers. I have just joined NaNoWriMo YWP. My username is Jane Bennett.)


Felix really liked Bunny. That was his favourite character. He couldn't stop watching. I liked either Sandy, North or Tooth. Sorry Pitch!


Everyone had a nickname. Bunny is easy. He is the Easter Bunny. Sandy is Sandman, North is Santa Claus, Tooth is the Tooth Fairy and Pitch is the hardest. He is the Boogyman.(you know, the one who hides under beds)


I shouldn't write anymore. I don't like giving away spoilers!

Jack (oops I didn't even mention him)


Lady Kim of...Nowhere

'My name is Lady Kim...BOW! Why are you not bowing?'

'Kim, wake up!'

'What? Where is Sir Humpy? Oh man, it was all a dream.'

'Kim, why are you talking to yourself?'

'It's nothing Mum. I will be down in a minute!'

One day people will learn to give me the respect I deserve. I am Lady Kim, even if no one knows it! I will prove to everyone that I am to be bowed to.

You will see that I am right, just wait, you will bow to someday!

When I am a Lady people will love me. People will smile as I go past and tell of my wonderful deeds!

'Um, Kim, what wonderful deeds?'

'Uh, I haven't done them yet.'

'What? And you think people should be bowing to you?'

'I will get back to you!'